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Susan Manzello, is the artist, graphic designer and owner of Manzello Art and Design. An Austin native, Susan was creating and designing at an early age. In high school she took advanced art courses. She was offered an art scholarship, but turned it down thinking she needed to pursue a "real" career which would help her get a "real job."

In college, her eyes were opened to the many "real art career" opportunities available. Graphic Design became her passion and focus. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design from Texas State University in 1987. She worked for a printing company and advertising agency. But most of her work history was at KLRU-TV, designing marketing materials, signs, sets for the pledge drives and shows – like Austin City Limits and Austin At Issue.

In 1995, Susan started her own Graphic Design business, Manzello Design. Some of her clients were Austin Fit Magazine and Austin Slow Burn Gourmet Fiery Foods. About that same time, Susan married, had two children and began to explore art – painting in acrylics and working in pastels. Placing her art in a gallery, she delighted when the gallery began selling her pieces on a monthly basis and asking for more. She produces traditional subjects in a non-traditional format. Her most popular series features close-ups of sensuous fruits and vegetables using vibrant colors. Becoming equally passionate about art as design, she changed her business name to Manzello Art and Design (MAD) and began placing her pieces online.

After giving birth to her second child, Susan was diagnosed with stage 4 Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and went through a two-year treatment regimen that included chemotherapy and radiation. Now more then 10 years cancer-free, Susan continues to live each day to the fullest as a result of this life-changing experience.

Offered a part-time Children's Ministry position at her start up church in Dripping Springs, Susan took the opportunity. She began building a Sunday School program and organized Vacation Bible Schools and art camps. In the Bible schools and camps, the children work on large art pieces for exhibition. You can find some of these pieces proudly displayed on her website "WOW! Wall." Susan explains, "Anytime I can inspire youth to create on higher quality materials, they don't usually find in their school desk, I do it! It never fails, I see exceptional pieces come together with a little extra time and guidance. Children have not yet been brainwashed by our world on what is right or wrong art. Their pieces are clever, whimsical and unpredictable! Not only am I amazed and proud of the kids, but the youth gain loads of confidence in the process." Eventually, Susan leaves this growing job to continue her art. but hopes to incorporate future youth and community art projects into her new life.

Right now, she enjoys exploring collage and working collage elements into her acrylics and pastels. "I have grown as an artist. I am not so concerned with subject matter that sells but I delight myself in the simple creation of art and exploration. Lately, I like to mix it up, combining my acrylics and pastels with collage, adding texture and new interest. I am still swooned by the simplicity of my subject matter magnified, so close it becomes a gorgeous abstraction. I am not sure where I am going but I KNOW I am moving forward and am playfully focused!"

Take a tour through Susan Manzello's magnified look at the world. And, come back often to view updates and new creations on the website. Enjoy!

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