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Wall of WOW! • This wall is created to share images and links to some of my favorite creative comrades.

Summer 2012 Youth Art Group
Youth came together for another summer to create art and give back to the community. Below is their compilation of wackiness called "Randomosity." Total size is 44"X72"X1". Individual three bottom canvases are 24"x36"x1" ($400 Each), top three pieces are 8"x36"x1" ($90 Each). Total for all 6 pieces $1,470. Art can be sold as a whole or part.

Randomosity Art

YAC Individual Art
YAC Individual Art

Individual pieces below created by youth artists: (1st row, left to right) Kate Scamardo, Elyse Manzello, Gabby Redden, Susan Manzello (Director), (2nd row) Elizabeth Bubenik and Shanna Dooley.

Jon's Guitar Art
By Jonathan Manzello (11 years) 30"x24"x1/2"

Art From The Streets
Here’s to 2012 20th Annual Art From The Streets Show! As usual, it was a beautiful and inspiring show. Almost 100 artists were represented, displaying more than 2,000 pieces of art created over the previous year. More than 850 people attended and they bought $57,000 of fantastic art – the proceeds going to the folks who made it. The show happens around Navember or December at St. David's Trinity Center (7th and Trinity) in downtown Austin, TX. For details go to To view AFTS KVUE broadcast, click HERE. Pictured below is one section of the 2009 show, showing the vast amount of unique pieces ready to sell. It is an art lover's paradise!

Att From The Streets

Summer 2011 Youth Art Group
Recognizing so much youth talent around me, I donated art materials, and brought together my kids and their friends to create over the summer some incredible art called "The Dog Days of Summer" (and cats, of course).

Dog and Cats Art
"Furry Friends" is a three panel group piece. Each panel is 30"x40". Two panels to the right have SOLD.

Summer Youth Art 1
Summer Youth Art 2
Summer Youth Art 3
All art pieces were inspired by a dog or cat currently in the Austin or Kyle shelter. Individual artist's work: (1st row, left to right) Elyse Manzello (SOLD), Gabby Redden, Shanna Dooley, Kate Scamardo (2nd row) Jonathan Manzello (SOLD), Elizabeth Bubenik, Susan Manzello (SOLD), and Susan Manzello (SOLD), (3rd row) Susan Manzello, Jonathan Manzello (SOLD).

Below is a collection of kid's art from various camps and projects I lead. Some pieces are by individuals, and some are a group effort. It is amazing when kids are given proper supplies and a little time and guidance ... their imagination flies. Wow – What talent! I applaud them all!

Spring Break Art Camp at Dripping Springs Presbyterian Church 2007• 20 Kids created their own sculpty clay animals, a tissue paper water background and a cardboard cut-out ark.

Spring Break Art Camp at Dripping Springs Presbyterian Church 2008• 22 Kids created their own stick houses. They sponge-painted canvases with acrylic paint and created a sandy glue road.

Flowers for Nancy • 12 Sunday School kids at Dripping Springs Presbyterian Church collaged their own individual flower petal that was fixed onto a painted canvas and given as a thank you gift to their pastor, Nancy Marroquin.

Individuals in Dripping Springs Presbyterian Church were asked to draw a small picture or write a a word that represents their hopes and dreams for the Church in the next five years. All these drawings were put together behind glass pebbles and placed into one art piece. This art piece was given to the Church for it's Fifth Anniversary.

A close up of some of the various images the adults and children created.

Elyse's Fish bowl • Elyse Manzello created this with acrylics and tissue paper on a canvas. Prints can be made of Elyse and Jon's work.

Jon's Space • Jonathan Manzello created this with acrylic inks and pens on canvas.

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